About Us


Mazayen Rum Camp is a fixed campsite in Wadi Rum offering luxury accommodations and 5-star service for all of our guests. We aim to provide every guest with an enjoyable Wadi Rum experience, exceeding expectations and extending Jordanian hospitality. We believe that guests visiting Wadi Rum have certain interests: 

-Experience a sense of Jordanian Bedouin culture and heritage through cuisine, music, celebrations, design and lifestyle.

-Participate in memorable activities such as 4x4 vehicle tours of Wadi Rum's sites, ride camels and Arabian horses in their original habitat, desert hiking/trekking, and mountain climbing.

-Relax and enjoy the picturesque desert landscape of Wadi Rum; majestic red Sandstone mountains, soft fine desert sand, breathtaking sunsets, brilliant sunrises, and the wondrous celestial night sky.


Whether you would like to learn Bedouin culture, ride camels like a native, or just want to reflect and relax in Wadi Rum; Mazayen Rum Camp is ready to oblige. Our professional and hospitable staff are skilled in providing our guests with quality accommodations, customer service, cuisine, culture, and recreational activities in Wadi Rum. Our team is responsive and efficient, promptly replying to our guests requests. Our camp was built for the purpose of bringing luxury to the desert. Guests can attain all that they are looking to experience in Wadi Rum with the added premium of quality and comfort in one place. Wadi Rum Protected Park is a treasured gem of Jordan and her foundation. Mazayen Rum Camp would like our guests to experience all of the great possibilities waiting for them at our camp to make the most of their time in this majestic desert.



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