Though we are located in the desert, we believe that our guests should not have to substitute comfort for culture. At Mazayen Rum Camp, we have created a "happy medium" so each guest should expect nothing less than comfort, quality, culture and heritage during their stay with us. Our private tents are one of the most notable feature at the camp. Every private tent is furnished with Bedouin Arabesque decorative details, modern superior quality bedding, an A/C remote control unit, en suite bathrooms with towels, shower, and toiletries, and a private patio with outdoor seating. The tents are covered with the traditional Bedouin goat-hair pattern on the outside. Every tent is elevated off the desert floor on wooden panels to prevent excess sand from entering the tents as well as other elements of the desert.


The private tents are located adjacent to the communal lodging and dining area to promote privacy and consideration to guests staying in the camp.


Mazayen Rum Camp offers 5 different room types: Deluxe Single Tents, Deluxe Twin Tents, Deluxe Double Tents, Deluxe Triple Tents, and the Star Tents. The Deluxe Tents offer all the same features and amenities with the exception of the bed options.


Our Star Tents take luxury to a new level. The Star Tents are geodesic dome tents with wall windows facing the desert. Guests can have a personalized view of Wadi Rum and the celestial skies without leaving the comfort of their room. The Star Tent is available in 4 room types: Single Star Tent, Twin Star Tent, Double Star Tent, or Triple Star Tent. Kindly contact us for booking requests and availability. 



Deluxe Single Tent

Single Standard Tent  Standard Tents


Deluxe Twin Tent

Deluxe Twin Tent  




Deluxe Double Tent


 Double Standard Tent 



Deluxe Triple Tent

Deluxe Triple Tent Standard Tents




Star Tent

Star Tent Star Tent Twin  Star Tent DBL Star Tent Star Tents