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Private dinner in the desert

Private lunch in the desert : Lunch in the Mazayen rum camp desert is a complete desert experience in itself. We offer our guests a enjoyable desert lunch in the camp desert along with other desert safari attractions. The red sand dunes of wadi rum are among the top tourist attractions in this desert city and also one of the best things you can do while on vacation.

Symphony of the most unforgettable and enchanting experiences, our desert safari with best Bedouin lunch in the camp is perfect for a calm and tranquil desert experience seekers.

Private camp

If you want to have your own privacy in the desert without anybody else for you or your group you can also book with us a private camp as we can arrange everything you need there, with a wonderful location, miles away from any other camps. It is surrounded by dunes.

The private camp is perfect for exclusive hire by friends and family. At this private camp you can asking about how many sleeping tents you need . The camp has many relaxing areas. Each tent has a king-size bed (which can be made into 2 singles). There are ‘wall-to-wall’ plush rugs, mirror, bedside tables, solar-generator lighting, an armchair and space to hang your clothes. Each item has been handmade in Jordan. We have also sourced high quality individual mattresses, cotton sheets, duvets and lovely pillows.

The private camp will have bathroom has a toilet, tables and chairs

This camp and service is equipped to the same standard as the main camp.

Breakfast is served under the morning sun, and dinner is served under the stars. Cold soft drinks and juices ( also you can bring your alcohol or asking it before ) , are always available. Relaxing area with day beds and cushions are set up outside.

In the private camp we offer the same activities as at the main camp: camel trekking, guided walks, picnic lunches and sundowners on the dunes.

You can mix your accommodation and stay in the private camp some nights and the main camp on other nights.

Private Lunch or Dinner in the royal suite :

Inclusive of access to private Mazayen royal suite for more than 4 persons in the middle of the camp with best view in wadi rum, infinity jacuzzi in the desert, Lunch or dinner in this nice place for the luxury Bedouin life style of menu with one main dish each per person & sharing fruit platter, and soft drinks for the resort residents who book royal Suite.

Sunset cocktail in the desert

Mazayen rum camp will take you the most beautiful and extraordinary landscape backdrops for the best performance of the sun. Every Traveler desires to enjoy the spectacular Natural sights of Sunset and Sunrise on the desert.

The dawn and twilight are the most romantic moments of the day, so let’s enjoy it in wadi rum desert above the camel’s back. The rays come together just right, and a gorgeous sunset or sunrise is born. They are the other of natural beauty which we should be always thankful for! Hardly find the words to describe exactly how wonderful it is! Magic moments of Sunset and Sunrise in wadi rum desert await you between dunes with camel trekking, unforgettable moments that you will live with us. Of course, you will fall in love with the beauty of golden sand dunes in desert of Wadi rum. An amazing beauty captivating all hearts, when the last sunlight of a day disappears behind the sand dunes.

Also you add to your sunset view ( sunset cocktail ) while you watching the best with fully equipped decorations to live the desert nature in a wonderful Bedouin style, with a fully equipped tent and tables, also you can add your drinks like wine or champagne and maza plates or chips.

Private dinner in the desert

As an exclusive /private safari tour, our instructor will take you for an adrenaline dune bashing drive in the 4x4 landcruiser, camel farm visit and will provide you the opportunity to experience sand boarding (optional ) before you arrive at your own private camp with a private set up in the middle of desert for an appetizing BBQ dinner and campfire with desserts included.

The private safari tour will glide you into the desert for a wonderful dune bashing experience away from the noisy crowds and touristic camps as this tour is exactly private just for you! Experiencing Camel farm visit, sand boarding, and enormous opportunities for pictures and enjoying the landscape and of course, a roaring campfire.

We will fix the tranquil spot to stop and enjoy the sunset, while our team sets your private dinner in the camp. There is no commercial entertainment stuff or toilet facilities included in this option but the privacy, amazing quiet and calm desert make this experience really special. The night sky in the desert which away from the city light is stunning!

This is a really popular private safari tour option and comes highly recommended for those who prefer to enjoy the private ambiance or the tranquility and calmness of desert with a private ambience as well.

Mazayen Rum Kitchen

This is the ultimate cooking class! You have tasted the traditional Jordanian dishes, now learn how to prepare them! This activity is an interactive cooking class that guests will experience all that is required to prepare the delicious meals we prepare in Jordan. In this class our guests will learn to prepare and cook Jordanian soup, salads, hot side dishes, and a main course. You will learn the cooking processes, spices, smells and....most importantly...the tastes of some of the featured traditionally meals in Jordan. Taking this class has the added feature of being in Wadi Rum, an authentic Bedouin Jordanian environment. Advanced notice is required. Please contact us for more information.

Tent Building/Team Building

There is no better way to work as a team than putting up a tent. Every Bedouin knows that you cannot put up a tent by yourself. Traditionally, when there is an event in the local community a large Bedouin tent is erected to host the masses that will arrive from near and far. The attendants of the event are invited to stay for dinner and will likely spend the night under the same tent. At Mazayen Rum Camp we have developed a program for our guests to exercise teamwork by tent building and all that requires. The team will work together to build a Bedouin goat-haired tent with traditional tools and supplies.

Bedouin Wedding Party

The most festive program yet: party like the natives! Bedouin Weddings differ in many ways from the average wedding. A wedding in the Bedouin community is a major event that the entire community participates in and attends. The larger the wedding, the more honored the family of the bride and groom. At a Bedouin wedding men and women will have 2 separate tents erected. Men are expected to wear their very best and maintain a certain air of nobility, honor, and pride in heritage and strength. Women are expected to demonstrate beauty, elegance, and their fashion sense while maintaining their integrity. Arab-style dancing and singing traditional songs and folklore are essential parts of the wedding's general merriment. A typical Bedouin wedding is 3 days but can last up to a week. At Mazayen Rum Camp, our Bedouin wedding program shows our guests an in-depth, personalized, interactive experience of how weddings are celebrated in Bedouin communities in Jordan. There will be an escort to explain all of the significant and traditional elements of the wedding. Guests in a Bedouin wedding are welcome to add to the festivities by giving a helping hand. Guests will have the chance to participate in the wedding process and preparations. Some of the activities typical to a Bedouin wedding are getting henna tattoos, decorating the tents, preparing bread/sweets, cooking Jordan's signature dish Mansef, Bedouin dancing, singing, and more. Attending a Bedouin wedding is a privileged experience.

Bedouin Tracking

One of many skills that the Bedouin have is tracking. In a desert environment, tracking is an imperative skill necessary to traverse the desert, find sustenance, recognize threats, and recover lost members of a herd. The desert though majestic and beautiful can be an unforgiving entity, leaving her captives adrift and famished. Being able to track and confidently know your surroundings may save your life. In this program, guests will have an interactive experience with a local Bedouin guide on how to track animals and how to get acclimated to the terrain the Bedouin way; learning the challenges and benefits of dwelling in the desert. It is a unique experience were you can have insight on nomadic desert life. After a tutorial on Bedouin tracking, you may find yourself helping a Bedouin find his lost camels!