Our Wonderfull Rooms

Royal Suite

Your Royal Genieis the ultimate insider , crafting exclusive one - of - a - kind experiences , all designed with your interest sand preferences in mind . Whether it’s from living room or massage chair or candlelit private balcony , or the private Jacuzzi in side the tent your Royal suite will make sure you have everything you want — and more than you ever imagined

Martian tent

“Martian Domes”, “Star pods” or “Bubble Tents” – they are the ultimate way to stay! They create an outerspace experience in the vast and empty desert. Martian tents have a transparent panel designed for stargazing in the clear desert sky. Meanwhile, others go the extra mile with a transparent roof! Be prepared that neither design provides much privacy – but the view is worth it!

Deluxe tent

Our deluxe tents offer the highest level of comfort in Wadi Rum. These are Wadi Rums best Bedouin tents with private bathroom. As we are a small traditional camp that focuses on a cultural exchange and interaction with our guests, we have only limited offering of this room type. The Bedouin tent with private bathroom maintains an external impression of a traditional tent.